Apple Repair Service Centre in Bandra, Mumbai

Apple Repair Centre in Matunga, Mumbai

Apple product repairs and upgrades! Apple Repair Solution Provides Apple Repair Service in Matunga, Mumbai has a team of specialized Apple repair experts to handle and troubleshoot all sorts of software and hardware issues you come across with your Apple device.

Our team of Apple repair centre experts has the skills to repair any fault related with MacBook pro, MacBook air iPad and all Apple device fast turnaround time.


The varies device of Apple product we repair including :-

 Apple repair solution have you got a faulty, broken or damaged device?Our Apple Repair Expert is here to help. Our team is full of technology and they understand the importance of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

We repair the different  models of MacBook Pro including :-

  • 13inch A1278” MacBook Pro
  • 13inch A1425” MacBook Pro
  • 13inch A1502” MacBook Pro
  • 15inch A1286” MacBook Pro
  • 15inch A1398” MacBook Pro
  • 17inch A1297” MacBook Pro


 We repair the different  models of MacBook Air including :-

  • 11inch A1370” MacBook Air
  • 11inch A1465” MacBook Air
  • 13inch A1369” MacBook Air
  • 13inch A1466” MacBook Air


We repair the different  models of iMac including :-

  • 20inch A1207” iMac
  • 24inch A1225” iMac
  • 21inch A1311” iMac
  • 21inch A1418” iMac
  • 27inch A1312” iMac
  • 27inch A1419” iMac


 We repair the different  models of Mac Mini including :-

  • A1283” Mac mini
  • A1347” Mac mini


 We repair the different  models of Mac Pro including :-

  • A1481” Mac Pro
  • A1289” Mac Pro
  • A1186” Mac Pro


 We repair the different  models of iPhone including :-

We repair the different  models of iPad including :-

  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2


Highly qualified engineers in Apple repair centre in Matunga, Mumbai :-

 Our Apple Repair centre in Matunga, Mumbai are delivered by Certified Engineers, using proprietary advance computer diagnostic and rework equipments, all technical faults are accurately traced, and repaired immediately in the most cost effective manner! Most faulty Apple products can be diagnosed on the spot and have it repaired within the same day!

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