MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement in Mahim, Mumbai

Apple Laptop Keyboard Replacement in Kandivali, Mumbai

The Apple Repair Solution dedicated to giving all customer in Kandivali and throughout the Mumbai with the most ideal Apple Laptop Keyboard Replacement and Repair Services for all models, reliably. One or more Apple Laptop keys are not working but everything else seems to be fine? It might be time to replace the keyboard.


The varies issue of Apple Laptop includes :-

  • Apple Laptop Keys not working
  • Apple Laptop Keyboard not working properly
  • Some keys not working on Apple Laptops
  • Keyboard not working after liquid spill
  • Damage or Broken Keyboard Keys
  • The keyboard isn’t working at all
  • Some of the keys are missing


The most common Apple laptop keyboard problem is damaged keys or a bad connection between the Apple laptop keyboard and the Logic board. We can replace or repair your laptop keyboard in either situation. No Problem; you don’t have to replace the whole keyboard. We sell single key(s) replacement for your missing laptop key.


Our highly qualified engineers all models of Apple Laptop keyboard replacement :-

MacBook Pro models are includes :-

  • A1278 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • A1286 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • A1297 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • A1425 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • A1502 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement
  • A1398 MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement

 MacBook Air models are includes :-

  • 11inch “A1370” MacBook Air keyboard Replacement
  • 11inch “A1465” MacBook Air keyboard Replacement
  • 13inch “A1369” MacBook Air keyboard Replacement
  • 13inch “A1466” MacBook Air keyboard Replacement


The Apple laptop keyboard replacement service offered by the Apple Repair Solution for varies models will be finished that day of getting your Apple Laptop or while you hold up or based on part accessibility. Our replacement service also includes 90 days warranty.


High quality Apple Laptop Keyboard replacement in Mumbai :-

Apple laptops are a joy to type on because of the spacious keys and crisp pressing sound. Even though the keys are built in a way that they seldom cause problems, if you need someone to Apple Laptop keyboard replacement in Kandivali, Mumbai  you should call us at 02265557576, 9619604123, 8879579180 or send us an Email at

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